FRIDAY THE 13th (18)

Camp Crystal Lake is about to open.  But there’s one extra guest no one knows about. Jason Voorhees.

See the original horror film that spawned eight sequels, in one of the biggest and most historic theatres in London … but whatever you do … don’t get lost.

Tickets include a free pint of popcorn too! 


Where and when?


About the venue


Popcorn & Drink

Beacon Bingo
Friday 13th May 2016
11pm admission, 11:30pm film starts


Beacon Bingo
110 Streatham Hill

Before it was a bingo hall, it was the Streatham Hill Theatre, seating over 2000. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this historic building … alone.

We’ll be screening this in the main theatre.

Every ticket includes a free pint of popcorn!

There will be a bar serving wine and beer to steady your nerves ...