The Isle of Wight is a magical place. We love it. But it’s very difficult to have a night out on the mainland and get back again. We thought - why don’t we bring the show to you. Presto! We had an idea.

We formed the Extraordinary Travelling Film Show to screen great films that are matched to beautiful and unusual locations all over the island. Please come join us one night - we’ll make it Extraordinary!

The Extraordinary Travelling Film Show is run by the Chief Magician and Lady Luck. David Coultas and Juliette McCrimmon have over thirty years’ experience in the film industry and events management and will be putting on a show that will leave you not only entertained, but possibly stupefied and delirious.


David Coultas, Chief Magician

Is a film fanatic. He met his wife in a cinema, worked in a Bingo Hall that used to be a cinema and has now been in film for over twenty years. He’s equally fanatical about the Isle of Wight. He’s now planning to bring those two passions together.  I guess you could see that coming...


Juliette McCrimmon, Lady Luck

She puts the Extra in Extraordinary.  She’s put on events on the roof, that’s right the roof, of the O2 Arena and at the very top of the Shard.  Juliette’s pretty high up in her field, literally. The pop-up screenings she’s done are second to none.  Bill Nighy came to one and played ping pong.  She’s even had a screening where Joan Collins came.  Joan Collins.